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Dennis Kraft
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Hi Team, 

I have 2 questions:

I want to add 2 sales people. I want that they both use the same pipeline, but only see their deals/leads and work. How can I implement this? 

Both sales peoples get leads from the same source. How can I split the leads to these peoples or automate it like the system checks if someones calendar is free for that lead and it will be automatically move to him or when both are free for that lead that it choose someone? Hope I could explain it good enough, because english isnt my mother language.


  • Benji Watters_2268
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    Hello @Dennis Kraft !

    What we have done in our pipeline is we have someone who manages all leads. We changed the default visibility so that under "Deals added to the system are visible to:" is set to "Owners and Followers". Our lead-in manager has admin powers and can see all leads and deals. They take leads and then assigns the sales reps as an "Owner", or they create deals and assign them on rotation. Once a rep is assigned an "Owner" they are then able to see the deal. We do this because we have multiple lead sources, some outside of Pipedrive which are manually entered as deals. This way sales reps are only able to see deals they are assigned to, but at the same time they are still able to create their own deals based off their own leads.

    In terms of automation, I don't have much advice because we are just starting to implement automation ourselves. This works for us, but I know that there are probably much better solutions so I'm looking forward to seeing what other people are doing!

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    Set visibility to Owners.

    Use RouterJet to assign leads in a round-robin fashion.

    Don't know if checking the availability in calendar is possible before assigning the lead.

  • Anna R
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    You can set shift times with Routerjet.