When a new lead comes in using Web Forms is it possible to make it so that it is not creating a new

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When a new lead comes in using Web Forms is it possible to make it so that it is not creating a new organization or contact, but only going into the lead inbox. I would like to control what I put into our active system manually because some contact are getting changed or paired improperly.



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    Hey, Stacey! 

    I'm afraid there is no way to switch off this behavior. Whenever you add an INPUT field to your web form, it is always connected to a Deal, Person, or Organisation.

    Whenever you are adding one of these input fields to the web form, Pipedrive will try to match the values entered into these fields with existing data in your Pipedrive account. If it cannot find the match, it will create a new record.

    Pipedrive has a built-in duplicate detection rules:
    - People will be matched against FULL NAME + EMAIL ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER
    - ORGs will be matched against ORG NAME + ADDRESS

    If this information cannot be matched, a NEW RECORD will be created instead.

    In order NOT to link any ORG  to your LEAD, you should avoid adding any ORG related fields to your web form.

    As a small workaround, I can suggest you to explore this option:
    If I read correctly, your web forms are already going to Lead Inbox. If you would like to capture company details but would like the company not to be linked, you could use DEAL - NOTE section in your web form to capture this information. But as you are not creating a Deal, this note will be added as an internal note to your Lead sitting in your Leads Inbox. From there, you could link the appropriate organization manually. 

    Here's a few screenshots to illustrate better:


    This is not the most straightforward way to do this for sure and I'm happy to pass on this use-case to our internal team to consider during the future development of the web-forms and lead features but I hope it helps you nudge things closer to what you are trying to achieve!