Are there any direct mail services that integrate with pipedrive?

Timothy Wenger
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Are there any direct mail services that integrate with pipedrive?


  • Joe_44226
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    I'm having such a hard time finding this - I want a native integration that shows the direct mail that's been sent inside the contact, like Klenty does for email drip sequences... the only options out there seem non-native and have to work with Zapier, which is not good.

  • Aaron Douglass Bailey
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    Do you mean for cold emails? If you have 'Pipedrive email sync' setup then any emails sent from any platform where you send out direct emails (from your email server) will sync with pipedrive (with the relevant contact).

    If you mean newsletter emails that are sent from the provider (such as mailchimp), these will not show and some kind of integration is required.

    The best we've found is Mailigen which offers some good syncing functionality here - and Pipedrive Campaigns will be coming soon, allowing campaigns to go straight from Pipedrive.

  • Jonathan Wilson_66139
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    Did you find anything?
  • Zoe L.
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