Do website visitor tracking tools help sales conversion? (Google Analytics, Leadfeeder etc...)

Do website visitor tracking tools help sales conversion? (Google Analytics, Leadfeeder etc...)
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  • John Shelburne
    John Shelburne Posts: 47
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    I am a No. Tracking tools help build audiences for advertising efforts but for sales I do not see the value.
  • Chris Daly
    Chris Daly Posts: 4
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    Depends on the tracking tool - we have tools that track the actual contact in CRM and their activities on site. That helps build a content profile and we can assess their interest in services. We mash that up against information on the organization and work on the outreach.

    Organizations that only see the company domain on the site (that is not always accurate) have less visibility into anything other than expressed interest from someone in the business. You do not know who. However, leadFeeder did this for one company, LeadFeeder was not linking the activity to a contact, but when sales reached out to their former contact because of the insight, they closed a $40000 deal. That paid for LeadFeeder about 20x over.
  • Garth Bertini
    Garth Bertini Posts: 1
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    I found chat to be the best conversion tool. Customers are on your site looking for a product or service, we get the best conversion rate through chat!!
  • Chris Daly
    Chris Daly Posts: 4
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    @Garth Bertini Chat works great when you are selling products, largely, when selling solutions and services, chat underperforms badly. Not entirely certain why, but I have clients that have chat for sales and all they do is provide service. Not that it is bad, but it does not convert as well as simple forms.
  • Sue Steckle
    Sue Steckle Posts: 26
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    Tracking website visitors in Google Analytics, for example, can help you measure the effectiveness of various marketing tactics you employ. You put out an ad with a link to a page on your site, you can see the rate of return for that ad in GA, for example. Measure, tweak, try again, get better results (or worse results... tweak again...) - you can't improve your traffic efforts if you don't know the effectiveness of what you are doing.
  • Chris Daly
    Chris Daly Posts: 4
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    @Sue Steckle attributing that traffic to an actual customer is key - and doable. If you use Autopilot with Pipedrive their tracking snippet will look at the cookie and match the email address to your contact file and then you can update the contact as having seen the content and build the profiles. HubSpot does the same thing - but you have to put the automation in place to build the customer content profile.
  • Wart Fransen_149
    Wart Fransen_149 Posts: 6
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    I'm a yes!
    It certainly helps if you can connect the web (and/or email) behaviour to the person or deal.
    Getting to see buying signals (eg looking at pricing page) for your leads is a huge help to qualify or figure out where they are in the buying cycle.
  • Chris Daly
    Chris Daly Posts: 4
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    @Growth Story Yes - but you still want to have the data flow into CRM so if you send your Pipedrive ID (or Wordpress id or guest id) into Google Analytics it will show you that data but you would need to export it back to Pipedrive to perform segmentation. However, in GA, your audiences and segments can include the ID you send in and that can improve your Google Ads audience development and linking ads back to contacts.
  • Growth Story
    Growth Story Posts: 4
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    yes , just to add you can do segmentation in GA and pass it to PD :)