What is your digital meeting platform of choice?

What is your digital meeting platform of choice?

What is your digital meeting platform of choice? 0 votes

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts
Other (Please leave a comment)


  • Jeremy Gulley_11062
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    Great question! My personal platform of choice is Google Meet however, our organization uses Zoom. I'll still spend most of my day scheduling through Zoom per request. I do however, wish we could use meet as it's built in to Chrome and getting better every day. 

  • Torbjörn Johansson
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    I use Google Meet for 1-2-1 meetings/presentations and Zoom if it workshops with clients.
  • Boris Tsibelman
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    I'm surprised GoToMeeting is still on this list...
    Remember WebEx?
  • Debbie_24354
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    I use Zoom a lot for meetings among colleagues, but I prefer to join.me for client one to one meetings. I don't use the video for these, it's easy to get them to join me and easy to navigate. I work with a lot of older clients, and they like the fact that they can see my screen and get to the meeting easily.
  • Bjørn-Henning Opheim
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    I use Teams on my workplace, but I really like how easy Google Meet is. I will try to make my collegueas use this with our clients. :)
  • Hans Nieto
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    I can't wait for the Google Meet integration, it is very uncomfortable having to go to the calendar to generate the meeting ... hopefully they will launch it soon, considering that there are already several integration with the Google suite