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Gabriel Rodrigue
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I wish we could view/edit/add leads on the mobile app - it would make much sense for people on the go.

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Leads Inbox is a new feature [still in beta]


    I'm sure the product team is working hard on expanding the feature set of lead inbox to make it more useful for everybody!


    Stay tuned.... 

  • Brad_4395
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    Agreed. If nothing else making a call to a lead and recording this as an activity (as with a deal) would be useful.

    Our marketing team can then assign us an activity and we can follow up in the field.  

  • Amber Alke
    Amber Alke Member Posts: 1
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    We do have many clients that would like to be able to access their "leads" from the mobile application.  Has there been any progress on this front since the initial input 9 months ago?

  • David Martin_43769
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    We really like pipedrive but this topic should be addressed very soon. It's a big downside that this isn't possible yet. :( 

  • Kalpesh Shah
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    hello, are you aware whether lead inbox is now available on app ? thanks

  • Oscar Uribe
    Oscar Uribe Member Posts: 1
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    Any news on when the lead inbox will be in the iOS app? 

  • Admin Account_75082
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    Hi Pipedrive, any news on this Feature? Imagine Sales reps being able to add Leads on the go, while attending conferences, fairs etc.

    A much needed feature imo.

  • Terje Mognes
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    Leads is no longer a new module. I would like to handle Leads in the mobile app, as we do with Deals.

    As a version 1, we should at least be able to relate an incoming Call or Activity to a Lead, not only to a Deal.