Will You Be Integrating into Click Up?

Will You Be Integrating into Click Up?


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Alyssa Brownsmith this is currently not in the plans, potentially they can also build an integration with us on our open API or use tools such as Zapier to connect. What exact flow are you trying to setup/create then perhaps I can advice?

  • Priit Parmann
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    Hi @Alyssa Brownsmith

    We are now working on the ClickUp integration 🎉

    Could you share some of the most common use cases you would have when integrating with ClickUp? 

    It could be both automating work between the tools or invoking manual actions. This would help us with providing a better solution!


  • Hi,

    Is the Clickup integration still being worked on? We can provide some use cases if you want?

    Many Thanks

  • Bobs
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    I 2nd this, would love a Clickup integration and update. Thanks!