Sales Velocity Calculator app is now available for BETA testing! Update: Beta closed

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UPDATE: This Beta test is now closed.


Sales velocity shows the effectiveness of a sales team - how fast you’re making money and where an increase in productivity is needed to positively impact revenue goals. In this app, you can make changes into your current state to see how each metric can affect your velocity.

Sales velocity is calculated based on 4 metrics:

  • Win rate
  • Average value of won deals
  • Opportunities (deals started)
  • Average sales cycle duration


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Great Idea! +1 Pipedrive Team

  • Mo Malayeri
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    Loved it! Any chance you could add the yearly report too? @Seda 

  • brooke dynes
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    can't get this to work...hits a login circle

  • Olli Murto
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    @Seda is this still available? We have been trying to calculate sales velocity with a similar formula, based on our Pipedrive data, but we are struggling with a couple of things...

    Would love to give this a try, thanks! :-)