Now the leads inbox has been improved, do you:

Aaron Douglass Bailey
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Now the leads inbox has been improved, do you:
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  • Keith Greywood
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    I am testing it now it is in automation. Struggling to even create an automation to create a call activity on a new lead
  • Chris Richardson-Smith
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    Massive improvement, but disappointed that they didn't include Insights for Leads at the same time - missed opportunity as while Leads Inbox and general Leads Module has decluttered my Pipelines, the lack of ability to report on leads is an own goal IMHO
  • Adam Phillips_9545
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    Leads in-box still feels half-baked to me. The process of connecting a Person to a New Deal is very laborious if you don't want that persons " "lead" to be floating around with nothing connected to it. See my loom video: