Hubspot Killed Piesync! What is everyone doing for 2 Way Sync Now?

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Hubspot Killed Piesync! What is everyone doing for 2 Way Sync Now?

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    Hi Steve, we'd like to ask you to please not use the What's New? or What's Planned? topics. They are read-only topics used by Pipedrive to communicate updates to our community members. I have removed those topics from your question and adjusted the topics for you.
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    @Steve use Integromat!

    Integromat should be able to handle everything you need including webhooks, if you hit a roadblock with built in pipedrive endpoints it also lets you use a custom http module for very creative workflows. It is far superior to Zapier.

    With integromat I run hundreds of thousands of operations monthly, error handling is amazing.

    If you describe what you need to do I can tell you if it's possible with integromat.
  • Andrus Purde
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    Depends on what you'd like to sync. If it's marketing apps (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, web forms) then we at Outfunnel have created a very good App connector
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    Unito is an excellent alternative when it comes to 2-way sync