Drip campaign emails

Derek Murrell
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We moved to Pipedrive to have everything in one place. We upgraded to use the workflow/automations function. I simply want to be able to send emails to nurture warm leads (or cold leads), which we have to call deals with Pipedrive (confusing), and send emails on a schedule... like 1, 3, 5, 10 days, etc. I was excited because the workflow was marketed to do this, but now support is saying she doesn't know what I mean, Pipedrive doesn't do this, and to use Zapier and call Zapier's support to figure it out. This was the point of coming to Pipedrive and upgrading our account to keep this basic functionality in house!

So now I have to get Zapier and a 3rd party program to send drip emails? The workflow seems to be able to send them with conditions as delays... why can't this work? Doing all this 3rd party stuff is starting where we were before Pipedrive... it's a nightmare.