PEOPLE in Pipedrive - managing expiry date(s) of custom fields


Hi , im looking in PEOPLE and wanting to keep track of expiry dates, wanting to automate email/sms reminders to PEOPLE. I'm keeping track of Drivers License expiry date(s), First Aid expiry dates etc etc and want the system to automatically remind people.

Does anyone know any integrations that can bbe used with this? I've only managed to find EXPIRATION REMINDER app, which does integration with pipedrive (according to their website).


  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @Gale - Great question. You'd have the best control over this using an automation tool such as Zapier.

    Using zapier you'd be able to create custom triggers (e.g. Person's Driver's License Expiry Date is in 1-month OR is in 2-weeks) and as well as custom actions (e.g. Send X email AND/OR Create Y activity in Pipedrive for person to do Z).

    If you'd like any more details, feel free to schedule a time to connect.