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Chad Stewart_2416
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Looking for some tips... I would like to find a filter when  a Deal or Person is assigned to a new Owner... When somebody manually changes a deal (or person) owner, I would like to automate that in Zapier. .. Having a hard time getting a filter that gets that result to use in Zapier.


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Chad Stewart !

    This is something you can easily do using Pipedrive's own workflow automation, see the example below (same method for Person and for Deal):



    Hope that helps, have a great week!

  • Collective
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    Hi @Inês Batata 

    I would like to do the same as Chad. However, I want to send a direct message to the new deal owner in Slack. Pipedrive only allows to send a Channel message.

    Is there a way to add Zapier as an action for Automation workflow?

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