#27 Nicereply - Katarina Javorcikova


Katarina Javorcikova , Sales & Business Development Rep at Nicereply shows Evolve Sales Director, Bruce Bignell, how Nicereply integrates with Pipedrive.   

Nicereply helps you grow and improve by collecting immediate feedback. Use simple one-click feedback surveys from Nicereply to increase the volume of insights you receive. Set up once, collect forever.  


- What is Nicereply? 

- The importance of customer feedback 

- Turning negative experience into a positive one 

- Best use-cases for Nicereply 

- How does Customer Satisfaction and feedback help a sales team? 

- The roadmap for Nicereply 

- Top tips for people getting started with Nicereply  

- Tips for people to get the most out of Nicereply 

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