Has anyone found a way to successfully integrate Outreach.io with Pipedrive? I know that there are other options that integrate with Pipedrive, but I have heard that Outreach.io is the best for sales engagement and automation.


  • Sara Orsborn
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    Zapier is great for integrations to Pipedrive

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    I really recommend Zapier or Make to made automation with Pipedrive.

  • Matthew W
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    Hi Jeremy - Have you found the best solution to integrate Outreach.io with Pipedrive? I've tried Integratley, which didn't work. Tray.io seems to work, but looking for a solution more affordable. I looked on Zapier's website and they don't show an outreach integration. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • David Gurr (Make.com)

    There is an Outreach connector (app) in Make. Make has over 1,400 pre-built connectors (apps) including Pipedrive and Outreach.

    One caveat - the Outreach app in Make is one of the few that's limited to the Enterprise plan only. You can test it on the free plan, but you won't be able to save the scenario (workflow) without a Make Enterprise license. You can talk with our sales team about getting a Make Enterprise trial license which would allow saving scenarios that include Outreach.

    Alternatively, if you're comfortable with the Outreach API directly you can use Make's HTTP app with the "Make an OAuth 2.0 Request" module to call any Outreach API endpoint. That works on any Make plan (including the Free plan).