🚀🚀 Email marketing reporting you’ve been waiting for!

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edited September 2022 in What's New #1

We’re happy to announce that from today, our brand new email marketing reporting tool – Campaigns Insights – will be gradually rolled out to all Campaigns customers!  

We’ve been working hard to bring a simple yet powerful analytical tool that allows you to:

  • See a visual overview of campaign performance to improve your email marketing strategies, warm up leads and keep contacts sales-ready
  • Easily share data and insights across sales and marketing departments to boost cross-team collaboration
  • Create dashboards and reports of marketing effectiveness to share with stakeholders 

How does it work?

Aiming to catch prospects at the right moment? See how prospects are engaging with the campaign and schedule follow-up activities right away.

Need a quick overview of your marketing performance? Keep track of the most important metrics on a custom dashboard and easily share a full overview with stakeholders.

Always looking for ways to improve your content? Find out which campaigns perform better to fine-tune subject lines and designs accordingly, so you can win more deals.

How to get access

Campaigns Insights will first be released to Campaigns users we’ve identified as heavily using the Insights feature. We’ll contact you by email if you’re part of this group. If you’re not a heavy Insights user, but would still like early access to Campaigns Insights, fill in this form and we’ll happily provide it to you. 


Future plans

In the next few months, we’re planning to pack even more useful features into Campaigns Insights, including: 

  • Percentage view – Round data into percentages to quickly analyze your marketing performance
  • Reports templates Effortlessly build your reporting overview with templates showing the most important metrics
  • One-click dashboards – Generate full marketing dashboards with a click of your mouse
  • Conversion reports – Access clear data that lets you know exactly how your marketing is impacting sales and generating revenue. This powerful feature is scheduled for 2023, so stay tuned.

Your feedback helps us continue to improve, so we'd really like to hear about your experience using Campaigns Insights. You can find the feedback form at the top of the page whenever you edit any Campaigns Insights report.