Zapier Integration: How do I get a new Google Form response to edit a field in Pipedrive?

I want to create a subset of our email Subscribers that would like to receive time-sensitive alerts. 1) I've set up a Zap which is triggered by a new Google Form response, 2) Does a search in Pipedrive against the email provided, 3) Uses the record from step 2 and performs the action of editing the Field in Pipedrive based on the Form response.

The problem is I get an error when testing the Action Step in Zapier: "Failed to create an updated person in Pipedrive. This feature requires a new permission. To use it, reconnect your Pipedrive account." (I have tried this and it doesn't resolve the issue. I have 2fA set up on my account, could this be causing an authentication error or is the Api just rubbish?)

I also get an error notification by email which says: "Person not found Please check for more information about Pipedrive API." which suggests the error is in Step 2.

Has anyone else successfully got a 3rd party app to trigger and execute an action with Pipedrive? Making it work seems more trouble than it's worth.