Is it possible to create Google meet link automaticly from Pipedrive schedler?

I use Pipedrive scheduler to create appointments with customers. Appointments goes straight to my Google calender, but it doesn't create Google meet link automaticly. You have to go to your calender and add separately Google Meet link.

Is there some settings that I should check or is it even possible?


  • Amit Sarda (
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    I think you can install Google Meet as an app from the Pipedrive marketplace.

  • Rasmus Kanervisto
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    I have installed it already. It works but it's little bit unprofessional to update the appointment just because there is no link to video meeting.

    The problem is that, when your potential customer tries to find link from the email, there is none. She/he have to go to the calendar or i have to updete the appointment and send updated invite.

  • Bert VW
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    Has anyone solved this? I have the same problem.