What is everyone using for account engagement reminders?

We'd like to set up an automated task/work flow that will take into consideration a customers segmentation and create a reminder to meet with the customer on some specific cadence like monthly, quarterly, etc. Has anyone come across an app, plugin, or solution for this?


  • Hi @Mike Cally, Greg's suggestion is great! You can also do this using a tool such as Zapier which allows you to have more flexibility. There are a number of different approaches, but the key is that you can trigger the automation based on a person or deal matching a filter (e.g. person segment is X, and deal is not in Y stage, etc., etc.).

    I like to then trigger the 2nd, 3rd, etc, activities based on the previous one being completed so you don't get a backlog if a sales rep is out of town (or just not doing their job very well....). So then you say, "When B activity is marked as done, delay C amount of time, continue if certain conditions are met, and then create activity D."

    Great question! If you'd like any additional support, please feel free to get in touch.



  • Thank you both for your replies and ideas.

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    Hey @Mike Cally

    Your use case is interesting and something previous clients have queried me about.

    Have you seen Contacts Timeline in Pipedrive - its found in your Contacts database?

    This is essentially where "account management" can take place, if your just setting calls, visits or meetings you can create this type functionality here. However its not a fully automated solution as you need to set up the frequency and decide which Contacts sit under that frequency.

    I hope this helps, if not, message me and I can explain further


  • @Edie Mew_36460 Thank you. This direction was very helpful. We havent explored the Contacts Timeline functionality much. I just played with it a little bit and read the knowledge article on it. One limitation/challenge is that you cant easily filter between customers, prospects, and leads. We would want this focused on just customers so we'll have to create a better filter to use with it.

    Do you have more info on how the Contacts Timeline "counts" activities? Does it only count completed activities? Does it consider open activities? Does it include notes?

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    Hey @Mike Cally

    That's no worries at all, good to hear its moving in the right direction for you!

    I have provided a video with a quick demo of the basic use case for Contacts Timeline - hopefully it makes sense and the quality is clear for you.

    Let me know if you have any other queries!