⭐️ Automated Campaigns beta is rolling out - reach your prospects at the right time

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Campaigns app is getting new functionality to take care of your marketing needs.

We’ve listened to your feedback and know how important automations are to your marketing strategy.

We have been working hard to deliver this functionality for you - and now the first version is coming out! 

I can’t wait! When will I have it?

We have already started rolling it out gradually and all paying customers will have access by early September. Trialists will follow soon after.

How can it improve my marketing?

Automated Campaigns will allow you to:

- Build automations so Contacts receive campaigns at the right time

- Combine it with Time delays for drip campaigns

- Look into each campaign report to see the effectiveness of your efforts

- Work with Recipient list in Reports, to reap to full benefits of Contact behavior

Awesome! So…what’s next?

Early next year we’ll enhance Automated Campaigns’ functionality, including:

- Contact Open and Click behaviour 

- Marketing automation templates for faster setup

- Improve automated campaign building experience

- More advanced automated campaign information visibility in Contact detail's view

Stay tuned and look out for the launch announcement! 


  • If you need beta users, Im ready for it! Waiting for that since Im born :)

  • If Christian is born for it, I was conceive for it. This is the purpose of my life. Make me a beta user or I'll die trying.

  • Dace Kraučuka
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    Sent you a message :)

    Kind regards,


  • This is so exciting! Still welcoming beta users?

  • Still welcoming beta users?

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Can't wait to use it ! 🔥

  • Yes please, Beta - this will bring Pipedrive to next level.

  • Can I get enrolled in the marketing campaigns beta? We are in a free trial to purchase right now

  • Awesome! Could I get added to the beta?

  • Will the automated campaign be able to be stopped for a recipient if they reply to the mail?

  • Hey,

    I need to try in Beta.

    Do you need beta user to test?

  • Is it still possible to be added to the beta for this?

  • I want to be added as a Beta User in campaigns automation!

  • Also would love to gain access to this! Been patiently waiting for this feature since forever.

  • Is there a full rollout date on this? Are you still accepting beta/trialists? I hate to build this in another system when this appears to be around the corner...

  • For campaigns, do the people you are sending emails to need to be subscribers? Could you use "campaigns" to do email outreach to prospects?

  • Dace Kraučuka
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    Hello, @Jeremy D. Melmed

    Yes, for sending out emails through Campaigns you need consent from your contacts, that they are willing to receive communications from your company.

    Consent can be gathered in various ways, including personal messages or also Leads webforms.

  • Hi @Dace Kraučuka,

    Can you please share the best practice to capture Consent in Pipedrive?

    I don't see any option to update the Marketing Status via automation, Pipedrive or Make/Integromat.

    Does it have to be manually updated for each contact?

  • @Amit Sarda I have had multiple conversations with support about this issue. It seems as though you MUST manually update the Marketing Status for each content. (I'm finding this defeats a primary purpose of the automated campaigns feature). This is despite the fact that all contacts are opt-in & consent to receiving marketing materials. Looking forward to hearing your and others' thoughts.

  • Don't even bother, this feature has a beta at least so far, is the buggiest thing I've ever seen. Never trust the templates.

  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hello all!

    Campaigns is no longer in BETA and important updates have been added to the feature in the past months. Marketing statuses can now be changed in bulk, Campaigns can be sent via Automated Workflows, Campaigns can be tracked under "Insights", and more.

    Updated articles for the feature can be found here, and any suggestions that are not yet implemented are more than welcome while we improve Campaigns over time. For that, please reach out to our support team via in-app chat or at [email protected] and/or share your ideas here.

    Thank you.