Is it possible to edit an existing lead through a Gravity Form submission?

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We are using the Pipedrive Add-on for Gravity Forms in order to create a new contact and deal when form A is submitted. This is working perfectly. We would like to have form B pop up in a modal after form A is submitted. Form B would have a couple of optional questions in it that, if submitted, would update/edit the contact and deal created by form A.

We could keep it all in form A and use js to inject some html to make it look like a second form popping up in a modal, but if the visitor finds that annoying and leaves before submitting the modal, there goes the lead.

If it's not possible to use form B to edit a lead created by form A with the integration plugin, is it possible with the API? How complicated would this be to develop? Is useful information available that can be grabbed from form A's submission so that I could identify the lead when writing custom code to interact with the API? I've seen mention of a lead ID, but there's also all the information on form A, which could be used to identify the lead.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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    Have you checked with Zapier ?

    Seems you can connect a gravity form with Zapier and send information into Pipedrive.