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Dear Product team,

Shortly about the issue I face. Our company has about 140 products, and to define them easier we use categories, under which we then have the certain products/services listed.

I find extremly difficut to add products to deal when a drop-down option gives you a list of 140 items. Yes- I know I can search by typing some of the key words. But imagine you have same service type from different suppliers.. and eventually you have to rename all the products just because the product option is so limited at this stage.

Ideally the solution to this: ability to add custom fields to the ''add product' window which pops-up when addin products to the deal. I do find that widow too uncompleted at this stage.

Happy to provide more details in case that helps.

Best regards,


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    Hi Nicole!

    In 2023 we are focusing in improving significantly the Products feature.

    Therefore, feel free to suggest other improvements you would like in the Products Catalog like in the view where you attach products to deals, so that we can take it in consideration during research phase. I would like to understand what is currently missing there!

    Many thanks :)