Ability to add discount on products as a fixed amount instead of percentages.

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Would be helpful if you could choose to add a discount as either a percentage or a fixed amount.

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  • Paktas
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  • Jorge Rybar
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    Hello, this seems like a simple fix that is surprisingly not fixed in over 3 years but is terribly annoying as a user. Our sales team has to waste valuable time figuring out the correct discount percentage and it looks strange. Could you please do something about this. Thank you!@Pipedriveadmin @Mike van der Valk @Katerina Prochazkova @Pipedriveadmin

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jorge Rybar @Paktas and others :)

    Unfortunately up till now this request hasn't been prioritised over the many other requests we're receiving daily around Pipedrive. But I have good news. For next year we'll be focussing with a team on the "product" feature in Pipedrive that this feedback is about.

    I've sent the people working on that next year this thread in the community and hopefully we can take this into the improvement work as well!

  • Jorge Rybar
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    @Mike van der Valk excellent news thank you!

  • Hi @Jorge Rybar @Paktas @Gabriela_66063 ,

    As @Mike van der Valk as pointed out we will improving the Products Catalogue Feature during 2023.

    So, feel free to suggest other improvements you would like in the Products Catalog like discounting for us to take in consideration during research phase. Many thanks!

  • Jorge Rybar
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    @Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco great news! I'll ask the team.

  • Florian Schmit
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    That's great to hear.

    Right now we are using Pandadocs, but it would be helpful to have all data right within Pipedrive.

    Issues holdings us back from the switch are:

    • being able to apply discounts on a document level (e.g. the list price is €1.000, and I want to apply a 20% discount, so the grand total is €800)
    • ideally the ability to add a target price (e.g. and the discount is calculated automatically)
    • ability to add a global sequence number (each time I create a new document from any template, the sequence number is increased by 1)
    • ability to add images to products that are displayed in the product table (to display what the product looks like)

  • Mark Hazeldine
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    Another vote here for numeric (non-percentage) discounts. It truly is painful trying to figure out what percentage I need to use just to achieve a simple number. Please also remember to add this change to your API so that third parties can add it to their integration. I use Pandadoc for my customer facing invoices and they support both fixed amount and percentage discounts, so it would be great if the figure I put into Pipedrive would seamlessly transfer over to Pandadoc.

  • Hi everyone - @Mark Hazeldine @Florian Schmit @Jorge Rybar @Gabriela_66063

    As an update, we are currently working on Tax exclusive functionality and discount functionalities at the moment (numeric discounts and global discounts).

    Expect some news in the middle of Q2, almost there 🙏