Editing logos/shortcuts on the left side of the page

How does one edit the logos on the left side of Pipedrive? For example I would like to remove/hide "Campaigns" and "Marketplace". I have seen some demos videos where this appears to have been been done, however I am unable to find information on how to accomplish it.



  • Most likely you are seeing a old video or they are using a work around like a css editor.

    I agree though, the campaigns in my face everyday is not ideal. My type clients email marketing would have a negative affect so why do I should I have to see that everyday. Hopefully once the hype fades away they make that dissapear.

    Customizeable left bar with custom urls would be ideal. Would love to be able to add a few of my own shortcuts there.

  • Thanks for the response, unfortunate one cant edit the fields or at least hide them. Agree, that they should absolutely make changes seems gimmicky now and I will never use capabilities like "leads".