Last Email Sent filter inconsistencies

I've set a Contacts filter to show me all contacts created within a date range who have not sent or received an email (last email sent and last email received are both empty). From this list, I sent out a few email templates yesterday, but when I refreshed the same filter, many of the contacts I emailed are still on the list. The column still indicate no email sent, but when I open the Contact view, I can clearly see the email sent yesterday.

Is there something I'm missing about how "last email sent" is determined that would cause this?

Thanks in advance!



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    Hi @Aaron Van Son

    Great way of knowing who to contact! I like your workaround thinking....

    I tested this workaround myself and couldn't replicate the issue you have experienced. I wonder if it's possible to share the filter logic please? My list updated when I sent an email to a person who originally filtered in. if you're looking for a contact/relationship management tool, Pipedrive has Contacts Timeline which can be useful for managing tasks related to contacts and not associated with Deals

  • Thanks! Email filters as follows:

    My list updated just fine when I used it last week, but this week I went back in to the (now shorter) list, sent a few, and refreshed, and many of the names did not disappear. Some did, and I can't tell why there's an inconsistency.

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    Hey @Aaron Van Son

    Thanks for the image - really helpful. Please see my image below of the filter I had set up and tested.

    Would adding Last Email Received instead of Email help?

    You could test this by creating a new filter and keeping your current one to see if the People are removed from the list when they should be.

  • I'd actually just removed "last email received" as it didn't make a difference. "Email is not empty" just filters out any contacts that don't have an email address in the first place, as I can't email them. If I remove that, the list gets larger, but not in a helpful way.

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    Thanks @Aaron Van Son - have you added a time frame to the Last email sent condition to see if that shortens the list and updates accordingly?

    Last email sent "is empty" filters those who have never had an email sent to them but the contact was created recently/specific timeframe.

    Example: Person Created "Last month" & Last email sent is "Last month"

  • I'm specifically looking for contacts that have never been emailed, which is why I listed as empty. The issue is that Contacts are returning on this filter that I have emailed (these emails appear on the Contacts' activity history), which doesn't make as much sense. I would think that adding a time frame would expand the list if anything, as some contacts would have received emails outside of that range who should have been filtered with "is empty" right?

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    Understood. Does seem odd the contacts disappear...I've just done a video where the filter is exactly the same as you mention above. Find a video here of Elon Musk disappearing from my list.

    The only other thing to consider is the quarter change, however, the last change was the end of June. Your post suggests this has happened in the last 1-2 weeks...

  • That's right. Actually just in the last one week. The filter remained the same (I added and removed "last email received"), and some contacts are disappearing as expected when I email them, but not all.

    Adding a date range to last email sent is producing very strange results. I'm getting a fraction of the results expected. It's almost as if some, but not all of the emails sent are being recognized by the filter, even though they are tracking in Contacts' activity history.

  • We are having a similar issue. Even a filter as simple as this is still catching "Persons" that have actually been emailed the day before. The previous emails are visible in the "Person" view, so we know Pipedrive has tracked them. Please advise!

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    Hey @Joseph Tiano and others! If you are still experiencing issue with your filtering, can you please open up a chat or email [email protected] so an available agent can assist you?