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Pekka Huttunen, CEO at Eventilla talks event management & Pipedrive with  Evolve Sales Director, Bruce Bignell.   

Eventilla makes it easy for you to automate event management and focus on what's important. With Eventilla, you manage your live and online events online: registrations, ticket sales and other event management - easily and quickly.  


- Introduction to Eventilla 

- How Eventilla can help you run your events 

- Automating the admin from event management 

- Getting the most out of your event data 

- How events have changed post-covid 

- The Eventilla roadmap 

- Pekka's CEO journey 

- Top tips for people getting started with Eventilla 

- Top tips for more advanced users  

Check out the Eventilla demo: 


Give Eventilla a try: 


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