Marketing Automation: increase 30 day restriction

Sara Orsborn
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Hi there, We have been using Pipedrive campaigns for a while now & really like it. Well done! Have used quite a few different ones over the years.

We this week have been testing marketing automation this week also & its great too. And so made decision to copy all over to Pipedrive. BUT we have hit a road block while copying all our marketing nurture emails across from our old system. We send nurture emails to our leads every 2 weeks, and spread over 3 months. Unfortunately workflow automation has 30 days maximum so doesn't work. Understand 30 day restriction for workflow automation, but for marketing automation there cant be a restriction. Dont want to bombard leads with emails too often so need to be spread & more than 30 days. Is this something you will review & remove for Marketing Automation feature?

Also, the ability to edit the campaign emails can only be done if you then remove them from workflow automation steps.

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