Google Ads Conversion into Pipedrive leads


I would like to track in Pipedrive the Google Ads Conversion, in my actual process I have somme landing page with a Zoho Form inside, each time a form is send a conversion is generated in Google Ads, I would like to track this in Pipedrive, for each new lead create a Pipedrive Leads, with campaign group name, campaign name ...

The same for my Google ads campaign with phone conversion, each time a call is make I would like to create a lead in Pipedrive with some informations about the campaign inside,

Does Zapier can help my do to that ? I have some doubt about this I can just put the UTM in the leads ?

I heard about GA connector, it someone have a feedback on this tool,

Thanks a lot


  • Hi

    Such functionality is available in the LeadBox widget:

    If your landing page can send information from the Form to some URL, then through Webhook integration by LeadBox it is possible to make a deal and contact in Pipedrive for each new conversion with recording of the utm parameters. As a bonus, it sends the fact of winning the deal to Google Analytics with its budget. So you can build end-to-end analytics in Google Analytics with LeadBox.

    I will be happy to help you figure out the connection