Is there a way to pull a report with all client BCC emails?


For customer support, I would like to have some members of my team be able to have a list of all client BCC emails. Instead of going into Pipedrive to look up the client-specific BCC, I want them to have a list they can pull up. Is there a report to pull this?

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    Hello @CamConn!

    We don't really have an option to export this information in a list view. However, if you check the deal-specific email address, you will see it has a pattern using the Deal ID and your company domain ( This way you can either:

    1) create a custom field in the system to record it with Webforms to a field that is possible to export (for future deals)

    2) make changes based on the Deal ID in Excel sheet (for existing ones). Export Deals with important info + IDs and in Excel update with relevant address.

    Please note, that this workaround is only for Deal-specific emails and not Lead-specific ones.