Where to put all sales documents like cheat sheets in Pipedrive?

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Hi guys,

Where do you usually put sales documents and/or any updates for the sales reps in Pipedrive? I don't think they have it in the CRM?

Spreadsheet doesn't work as we're a property company and we have so many updates about many properties in one day. It'll be great if we can put a link of the construction update in the app so that the sales reps can just share them with their leads or basically just as their cheat sheets.



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    Hi @Carol-Bali

    Great question, I think I've understood it correctly...you'd like to store documents that contain updates about multiple properties?

    There isnt one specific location for something like this, that's correct. However a couple of workarounds I've thought of may help the process...

    Use a custom field (Text) to store a shared link. This then becomes a clickable link and people can access it through a Deal or Lead. If this also applies to Contacts, you can use another custom field (Text) to store the same link

    Or you could use a dedicated Pipeline where it's purpose is solely around properties which are live and being worked on. Each deal is a selection of properties with their own document attached as a file or again using a custom field to store a shared link

    If you're looking to share a Deal or Pipeline to an external third party, this currently isnt achievable. But you can share a dashboard externally, it just depends on how to present the updates in a report style...