Is it possible to automate creating a new deal when a product is added to an existing deal?

Dimitris Tsolovos
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Hello all!

I hope I can explain this well.

In our company, we want to use 2 connected pipelines to track 2 different procedures. The first will keep track of a prospective client, up until we propose some real estate assets (imported to Pipedrive as products) to them and the second will keep track of each proposal/deal separately. In the client tracking pipeline, when we propose an asset to a client we add it as a product in their deal. Usually we propose 2-3 assets, so we have to add 2-3 products on each deal. I have already set it up to transfer the deal from the client pipeline to the proposal pipeline, once a proposal has been made. What I want to do is that every time I add a product to a client deal, a new deal will be created for that specific product, connected to that specific client. Is that possible?


  • Liz (Ops Designed)

    Hi @Dimitris Tsolovos - Love the creative use case here! This is somewhat possible, but what's not possible using Workflow automations is then automatically updating the deal's products. Here's a basic application workflow:

    However, this duplicates the deal and you then have two deals with the two products, so what you'd probably want to do is then add an activity on each deal for the user to remove one product from each deal so that there's one deal for each product.

    If you want to have this fully automated, it's possible, but you'd need to use a more robust automation tool such as Zapier.

    If you'd like to discuss the use case further and how Zapier could get you to this outcome, feel free to reach out.



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