How can I test an email, before sending it.

Hi, I can't find a way to send a test email to me before sending an email through pipedrive. Anyone can help?



  • Can you not add yourself as a Pipedrive contact and send yourself an email as a test?

  • Yes, but that is a clumsy solution that requires

    1- delete the contact from the To: list

    2- add my contact to the To:

    3- delete the test email that was sent

    4- create a new email to send (or test again)

    It's a terrible user experience....

  • I’m a fan of minding the user experience and low friction workflows. But since this is just a test rather than something that needs to be done on the regular it seems reasonable. But maybe they will create an alternate low friction solution in the future.

  • Brad, I hope so. It's simple, and super valuable!

  • Samo Jurdik
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    I remember I saw once a button for sending a test email for a campaign. I can't find it anymore.... Bad bad.