New permission sets introduced

Külli Kruusla
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Instead of one universal admin and regular permission set, we’ve updated our permission sets so there are now more granular permission set categories: deals app permission sets, global permission sets, account settings (and Campaigns, Projects for those who have these add-ons enabled).  

Watch the video below or check out the changes in your account under user management settings. NB! You can access these settings only if you have account settings access enabled.

What has changed?

We’ve split the previous permission sets into two:

  1. The Deals app permission sets - which include permissions that relate to lead/deal management;
  2. The global permission sets - which include cross-product permissions such as data management, organization, people and product permissions;

In addition, you can now view the account settings permission also in the permission set view. As a reminder, the account settings access includes the access to user management, billing, company settings and security center. If you wish to provide users with access to account settings, you can do that by enabling account settings access for them. By default, app admin users will not have access to these important settings of your account. 

Anyone with the access to Campaigns add-on will also have access to the Campaigns permission sets. Same applies for Projects users, with the difference that Projects add-on does not yet have separate admin & regular permission sets. 

Why this change you might ask?

As we continue to release more features and add-ons, we also want to provide more granularity to ensure that users can access specific Pipedrive product features that they need without having to have full access to everything.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, I am happy to hear them out or jump into a call :).