Email Sync: Is Automatic Contact Person Creation Supposed to Happen ?


This is s super simple question:

I'd like everyone the sales team engages either inbound or outbound to become a contact person in Pipedrive.

Doesn't this happen automatically when using Email Sync?

If not, can you use the workflow automation feature to force it?

If not, do you need to use Zapier's email parser?


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  • Kreete K
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    Hello @Jakob Thusgaard!

    Thank you for this question! Our Email sync feature is not supposed to create Contact people automatically from an email. It is always possible to create one manually when in the inbox, check the details here. It is not possible to set it up automatically in the system, our Workflow automation is not able to identify the exact email address and Contact name from an email this way.

    Inside Pipedrive our Smart BCC feature, where emails are manually forwarded to the system, can create Contact people from new emails.


  • Jakob Thusgaard
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    OK, thanks for your response.

    It's a little unfortunate as it creates additional friction and manual work for sales reps.

    It would be great if Pipedrive would reconsider this stance.