Email Automation only works with "Person email" field

i'm running through some major issues when a new deal is added into pipedrive.

I use jotform and unbounce to generate deals.

jotform has native integration but unbounce does not so I use zapier to zap the new deal in

once the deals come in I have an automation set up in pipedrive that goes something like this:

--->form submitted in unbounce/jotform-->>deal added-->automation email sends--->

now the automation does not recognize the regular text "email" field it only recognizes:

"person email" field. and zapier does not pick this field up..

so i'm at my wits end here and not sure what to do.

additionally there are times when jotform stops mapping the email field to correct "person email" field so automation email does not get sent out....

How can we fix this issue so that custom email field can be mapped with automation?