Subscriber status - Zapier integration

Does anyone know if there are plans to allow you to automatically assign contacts a 'Subscribed' status? I was told by support this isn't currently allowed due to their double opt-in policy.

We have previously done in Mailchimp using Zapier so that once a contact subscribes to our newsletter on our website they appear as a subscriber in Mailchimp. I want to avoid a situation where I am manually adding contacts to a subscribers list or tagging them as such.


  • What form are you using on your website to capture leads? And are you using MailChimp or Pipedrive's Campaigns to send out emails?

    And just to double check - do I understand correctly that you're:

    • using a form connected to Zapier
    • you'd like Zapier to update "Subcribe status" field in Pipedrive when a new lead/contact is added
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    We're using a webflow form that is connected to a Zapier. Currently using Mailchimp to send out email.

    And yes, we'd like some kind of automation to update subscriber status (doesn't have to be Zapier, even better if Pipedrive can talk directly to our website).

  • Hmm I would have thought that a multi-step zap would allow syncing a lead from Webflow to Pipedrive, and onwards to Mailchimp.

    Could you use Pipedrive Forms on your website?

    We at Outfunnel also offer a Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration that syncs contacts from Pipedrive to Mailchimp, and email engagements back to Pipedrive. But I know it's probably not ideal to be using multiple data syncing tools at the same time. (and alas, we don't yet support Webflow Forms as a source - but good to know there would be demand for this)

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    Okay, thanks that's useful.

    Clarification we are looking to move away from Mailchimp to Pipedrive Campaigns for sending email so are really interested in whether we can automate subscriber status from our webflow form directly to pipedrive's campaign add-on.