Subscriber status - Zapier integration

Does anyone know if there are plans to allow you to automatically assign contacts a 'Subscribed' status? I was told by support this isn't currently allowed due to their double opt-in policy.

We have previously done in Mailchimp using Zapier so that once a contact subscribes to our newsletter on our website they appear as a subscriber in Mailchimp. I want to avoid a situation where I am manually adding contacts to a subscribers list or tagging them as such.


  • What form are you using on your website to capture leads? And are you using MailChimp or Pipedrive's Campaigns to send out emails?

    And just to double check - do I understand correctly that you're:

    • using a form connected to Zapier
    • you'd like Zapier to update "Subcribe status" field in Pipedrive when a new lead/contact is added
  • We're using a webflow form that is connected to a Zapier. Currently using Mailchimp to send out email.

    And yes, we'd like some kind of automation to update subscriber status (doesn't have to be Zapier, even better if Pipedrive can talk directly to our website).

  • Hmm I would have thought that a multi-step zap would allow syncing a lead from Webflow to Pipedrive, and onwards to Mailchimp.

    Could you use Pipedrive Forms on your website?

    We at Outfunnel also offer a Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration that syncs contacts from Pipedrive to Mailchimp, and email engagements back to Pipedrive. But I know it's probably not ideal to be using multiple data syncing tools at the same time. (and alas, we don't yet support Webflow Forms as a source - but good to know there would be demand for this)

  • Okay, thanks that's useful.

    Clarification we are looking to move away from Mailchimp to Pipedrive Campaigns for sending email so are really interested in whether we can automate subscriber status from our webflow form directly to pipedrive's campaign add-on.

  • I'm voting this one up, I'm going to have switch back to Mailchimp from Pipedrive and deactivate my campaigns if I don't have this feature added.

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    Totally agree... if new contacts aren't subscribed I can't do any marketing automation.

    Defeats the point of automation if I have to manually subscribe everybody

  • @Nic I had someone at SAAS shop (a pipedrive partner) confirm there's no workaround reach out to Pipedrive. He said they acknowledged it's a high priority feature, what I don't have an answer on is when it will be released. In the meantime, I'm building a second biz, so volume is low, so I've built a zap to create an activity for me to manually hit the button, but that will only work for a month or two. So hoping if enough people ask for clarity as to when they will build it out because I will have to switch to another platform if it doesn't get resolved in the next few months.

  • @Andres - The challenge with the forms is it only applies to websites. I have a number of complex lead magnets and other generation activities that all need to feed to a subscribed contact. Filling out a web form is only one small (the smallest) way people join my list

    Also, the solution between Pipedrive and Mailchimp has some problems. It subscribes people who shouldn't be subscribed. It pushes everyone over, which causes a number of problems. I have a lot more people in my CRM than I want to actively market to.

    This feature is actually simple, it's adding a field to the Zap library, right now they don't have marketing as a toggle you can switch via Zap, but they have everything else.

  • +1, just on a trial for Pipedrive, this is my first blocker!

  • Please see my conversations with PD and Zapier about this here:

  • Short version, we all need to contact both PD and Zapier to get some action here. PD stock response seems to be: 'we had to switch marketing status automatic updates off coz we're a global company and some countries don't like it". Even though every other marketing automation platform out there seems to manage it just fine.

    PD, you'd be better off just improving your core CRM product if you're going to release half-baked add-ons

  • @Graham Cox_55849 - Thank you for this, I just put in a request to Zapier and asked one of Pipedrives partners (that also has relationships with other platforms) to see if they have a direct line to Zapier to elevate this. I am currently (temporarily) working around this by having Zapier create a task to manually flag them as subscribed and assigning it to someone, but that only works right now because I just launched my new business so volume is still low yet. I've got about a 3-6 month window before it'll be a deal breaker, but hoping to get some clarity if it will or won't be prioritized for development to decide if I pull out now before I build out too much infrastructure.

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    Hey folks,

    It's a shame that Pipedrive and their partners didn't suggest this - I've been using it less than a week and worked it out... but there's actually a simple enough solution for now.

    I've not tested this myself, probably will set it up today and then I can list the instructions.

    What should work is rather than using the pipedrive feature in zapier, use zapier webhooks, and use a put request to the pipedrive API.

    Or do what I will try, immediately after adding the person via the pipedrive feature, use a webhook step to update the user you just created as it's less work to set up that way, but most importantly, using this method lets you set 'marketing_status'

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    OK detailed instructions:

    1 - Get your api key. (Click avatar icon in top right, company settings, personal preferences, api)

    2 - Add a stage in zapier (after adding a person) 'Webhooks by zapier'

    3 - Use a 'put' event, then set the values below:

    URL -{id of the person you made in a previous step}?api_token={your api key from step 1}

    Payload type - json


    marketing_status : subscribed

    Should work :D

  • I want to confirm this works - woohoo! Thanks a ton for the solution Sean!

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    Sean, you're fantastic - thanks so much for this. Worked perfectly.

    Ludicrous that we have to do this and this will take up about half of the Zapier tasks I pay for each month so it will cost me more money to be able to achieve something that Pipedrive should do out of the box, but hey ho

  • Sean you're a lifesaver, it works perfectly, thank you.