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as my sales position i make 60-80 calls everyday. i dont create a contact in pipedrive until we are further stage than cold calling.

So if i for example type in the notes as i usually do

'' Barack Obama mobile: +45 257500xxxxxxx''

and then he calls me back, and i answer the phone, and he says this is Barack, .. Normally i remember, but sometimes i havent callled barack for 2 hours- or 2 days later, and then i have to say.. '' ohh barack who, and from which company' ' making me sound

instead it would be awesome and more personal if i could answer the phone and say '' Hi Barack, It's Marc.


have a wonderful business day.. and I am still cheering for pipedrive, and have NO ambitions of changing systems.

best regards, Marc Birkholm, Head of Sales.

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