related organizations

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered the "related organizations" function which seems to me to be interesting to use.

However, I can't use it the way I want. Let me explain :

In the "lightings", when I do a performance report on a "mother" organization, I would keep seeing all the deals associated with this famous mother organization, but also bring up all the deals associated with the daughter organizations.

In short, in one sentence, how can we bring up all the deals of a set of related organizations at once ?

Thank you in advance for your help ! 😁


  • Hi @Tbezbez

    I find this feature handy & helpful to know about too - I have introduced many clients to it. However, it is disappointing that you cannot filter, produce reports or even allow for an organizational hierarchy visual in Pipedrive. It simply only captures the relationship within the Organisation's detailed view.

    Posting this on the ideas & feedback would be a good shout! 👍️

  • I also need to be able to pull related organization reports. We use this extensively. Please build this functionality.