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I see that a lot of people are asking for identification who is opening the email and I imagine it's kind of hard to do, I have another problem with UI

When sending tracked email to several people on the email tracking list it does not recipients anymore, just says "Multiple recipients" which is very annoying since I'm sending a lot of emails and I cannot remember every each of them from the subject (and subject's repeating too).

To learn who are there recipients I have to click on the email which will lead inside. The worst part is that if you go "back" from that email it will not bring you back to email tracking, but somewhere in notifications, so you have to go to email tracking again and scroll to where you were looking.

Would it be possible to show those recipients in the first place or make it active so when I bring the cursor there, it shows who are these multiple recipients?

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    I am also interested in this. We need to know who opened the email is a Multi-Recipient email. Or else what is the point of tracking beyond a 1-person email.