Campaigns & Workflow Automation Compatibility


Hello! I am currently transitioning into Campaigns and wanted to raise this for discussion to see if it is either in the roadmap or can be added in the future.

Right now, I am using Mailigen, which is being shut down in the next two months, so this is a rather time-sensitive concern. We are moving to Campaigns specifically because it will allow us to keep all of our information in one place, which is a bonus. My issue is mainly with the compatibility with Workflow Automations and its severely lacking functionality.

Workflow Automation is unfortunately very linear - there is no opportunity for different branches or optional triggers that filter clients within the automation. For example, suppose I have a new subscriber join a mailing list. In that case, I will want to send out an email immediately and tack on additional automation based on the client's interaction with said email. These automations could be - Client opens and clicks a specific link in email - client opens and doesn't click - client doesn't open. Each option would have their own full automation streams below, and I would (in the perfect world) be able to visually see the results and percentages of clients and where they are being directed to.

Not sure if this has been brought up yet or not, but the option to branch out and further establish the automation logic is highly important to my organization. If I have clients interact with something and click specific links to note their interest in one of our products or assets, I would need an automation that takes that action and sends them specific content.