Reports on Emails which are linked with a deal

Bernd Auer
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If you are synching your emails you can get reports on the email performance. But you can NOT filter the emails which are linked to a deal.

I am not interested in statistics on mails from my daily business and from my Grandmother, only sales related email count. And they are sales related if they are linked to a deal.

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  • AutoForSales
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    I would love to see this feature implemented too, what's the point of knowing all the email ever sent of received. I only want to track the email conversion for the emails that are linked to deal.

    Are you going to look into this ?

  • MC
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    I'm confused. Are you saying @Bernd Auer that the Activities Completed and Planned report cannot be filtered on a Deal so we can see the emails that pertain only to that specified Deal? I am gobsmacked if this is not possible. Overall statistics on all emails is irrelevant noise. We need to see a count of emails, calls and SMS messages sent and received for a specific Deal. I'll be SUPER disappointed if this is not possible.

    Any updates on the @Manuel Oliveira , @Sophie , @Andreia Costa ?

  • Travis Sixel
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    I agree that knowing the email activity tied to a Deal is very important to measure productivity and effectiveness of communication.