Email tracking lots of clicks... can this be right?

I sent out several emails with link tracking turned on to several people individually today. In my email tracking notifications panel, it's showing me several people who opened the email 2 or 3 times, but who have 15, 17 and 18 clicks on links. Is that even possible? Could it be miscounting or does it mean that maybe they sent it out to their teams? How do I read this?



  • Hi Adam!

    Usually, that happens for me when the Client has forwarded the email. There could also be cases, where the client actually did open it 15-20 times. The easiest way to get closure would be to approach the client.

  • Forwarding sounds like a good thing. Thanks!

  • I have noticed this often and I think what can be sometimes is the person I sent the email leaves it open in a browser or mail client and it refreshes in the backbround. I've noticed quite a few times it will be dozens of nearly perfect 15 minute intervals or close to it.

    Forwarding shouldn't have a pattern to it..

  • Hi @Adam from Traction ,

    Email open tracking is not a reliable metric for sales.

    Most mobile clients download images automatically and the tracker will be triggered. And many of them block image trackers. Link tracking is much more reliable since it can't be blocked and will trigger only when someone really clicks on it. So in a nutshell, you can't really relate the number of opens and link clicks. If you are seeing more link clicks, then you can assume that someone from your customer's team is actually into your proposal!

    If you are seeing someone opens an email just after sending it, then it is auto download and not opened by the recipient. A better signal would be to know the device information, but unfortunately, Pipedrive doesn't track or show devices.

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    Hi Am,

    Facing the same issue, is there a resolution for this @Pipedriveadmin ? @Pipedrive Gurus

  • Hi @MAH and all others,

    check it by your own. Send an email to you and try, and again with an other client, devices etc. This is the only way you can understand whats going on.

    But is totally right. If there is a "read" sign it dont means that you customer read your email. :). If you want to trigger a action set a call to action with a link and track this clicks.

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    if this is the case, then mailtrack is doing it better than you XD

  • @MAH

    I dont understand:

    "if this is the case, then mailtrack is doing it better than you XD"

    If you know the parameters why the system is doing something, than you have the chance to build a work around. But me in your case would not invest my time to focus on tacking opening.