Transfer deals between funnels / Traspasar deals entre embudos

Hello community.

When you transfer deals from one funnel to another in a massive way (I don't know if manually) (due to information reorganization things) the traceability of the evolution of the deal is lost.

I think this can be a problem if, as it is my case in a client, this is not reported beforehand.

Do you know of any way (filter or insights) that would allow me to retrieve the historcal once the funnel transfer of the deals is done?


Hola, comunidad.

Cuando traspasas deals de un embudo a otro de manera masiva (no sé si de manera manual) (por temas de reorganización de la información) se pierde la trazabilidad de la evolución del deal.

Creo que esto puede ser un problema si, como es mi caso en un cliente, esto no se avisa antes.

¿Sabéis alguna manera (filtro o indicador) que me permitiera recuperar el histórico del deal una vez realizada la transferencia de embudo?

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  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Xavier.

    Do i understand correctly, that you want to see the original pipelines where the Deal was created in. Which is not the same pipeline that the deal is currently in? And also all the Pipelines that the deal has visited after creation?


  • Hi Xavier!

    If you have deals in Pipeline named "Sales" and would like to transfer those deals into a pipeline called "Marketing". Then you can just bulk edit Deals into another Pipeline without any of the information getting lost.

  • Hello Andre. Thanks for your answer.

    The thing is that the deals are already transferred from one funnel to another and the previous funnel(s) have been deleted.