After a lead is considered "lost" how do you set follow up tasks?

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This question concerns follow-up activities. For example, if I have a lead say they are not interested, I want to remove them from my active pipeline, and I usually hit "lost." However, I don't want to forget about the lead and want to occasionally send emails or maybe call in a few months. How do I have them reappear in my pipeline after they are "lost"? Are there ways other people are doing it?




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    I would just add a calendar activity to call or email them. In one case we were more specific. We created a designated activity type for Contract Expiration. This was for the case when a prospect was already under a multi year contract with a competitor. We would schedule that activity for near before their contract was set to expire so that we could bid. In between that time I might also add an activity to do a drop in.

    I think what you are looking to do is best handled in calendar/activities.

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    Hi @Taylor Buford,

    Two things:

    1. You should use the activities view to guide what you do in the CRM
    2. You can have activities for even lost deals.

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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    Hi Taylor,

    I created a new pipeline for lost deals only. Whenever I lose a deal, a workflow will create a new deal in my pipeline "Lost Deals". I really like Pipedrive's KanBan Board for Deals and I use the different stages for automated follow-ups and keeping track of my deals:

    Once I have successfully reactivated one of my lost leads, I will mark the lost deal as won and create a new deal in my "real" pipeline.



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