Track Revenue from Pipedrive Leads that came in through AdWords or Facebook campaigns.

Matt Faulkner
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Currently if someone clicks to our website ( from our AdWords campaign, and then goes to and then and then and fills out the Pipedrive Web Form...there's no way to know if a lead came in through our AdWords campaign so therefore we can't track the success/revenue that came in from our AdWords ads.

Idea #1) Pipedrive should look into making a Pipedrive Tracking Pixel or something that would be installed on all pages of (and subdomains) so we could track all visitors and what UTM URL or website they came from regardless of if the prospect came from our subdomain or our main domain or went to multiple pages. And then if this Pipedrive-Pixel-tracked prospect opts in, then Pipedrive could tag that person under the referring domain or UTM so we could perform a Pipedrive Insights report showing all revenue from leads that came from an AdWords UTM URL


Idea #2) Have Pipedrive directly integrate with AdWords API so Pipedrive's Tracking Pixel knows all leads that came/clicked from our AdWords campaign and then we could run Pipedrive Insights reports showing all revenue from leads that came from a person who clicked to our site from our AdWords campaign

HubSpot allows for this. Perhaps someone in Pipedrive can research this and fix this very important paid traffic tracking concept. Would would the same tracking functionality for our paid LinkedIn ads, Meta/IG ads, and more.

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