Does anyone have time for a zoom meeting today?

Today I want to make a decision if this crm is good for my company.

I have few problems about Pipe drive.

I dont know, how to solve this problems.

1. I upload database to pipedrive via PC, but it was wrong database,

I deleted it in PC, but still I can see this database in phone app in pipedrive.

How I can delete data from phone?

2. I uploaded database and I divide database between my agent, (in excel sheet) bud agent can see data from another agents. Where I can set up visibility of database. I need that Agent name A, have to see only data Agent name A, not data agent name B.

3. This questions will be about statistic of calling.

Where I see daily activity my agent?

How many calls agent make by day, week, month?

How many minutes speak with client?

How many activities fill in pipeline?

How many new activities created in calender?

4. How to connect pipedrive with pipechat?

Thanks for answers.