📢 Tell us about your needs in terms of GDPR/Data Protection compliance in Web Forms (and elsewhere)


Dear community members,

Do you use Web Forms to collect personal data from your website visitors? Are you obliged to process your customer data according to GDPR or any Data Protection regulation? 

Share with us your needs and pains regarding the data protection obligations, so that we can help you to stay compliant. 

How do you handle it now? What role(s) have to deal with it? What do you miss in Web Forms and Pipedrive? Have you experienced an audit looking into your data processing in Pipedrive? 

In our knowledge base you can find this guide on how to create a GDPR compliant forms. But we want to take it a step further. We are working on Web Forms improvements and we want to hear from you!

We are looking for Web Forms users, who are interested in providing us with their feedback in regards to the GDPR or other policy compliance (T&Cs, Privacy policy, etc.). The call will take 30 minutes and in return, we'd like to reward you with our swag (notebook or mug).

Feel free to book your slot here. Or if you would like to share your thoughts in writing, feel free to do it here in the comments :)

Looking forward to talking to you soon,

Daria & Katerina



  • Mark Kessels
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    Hi Daria & Katerina, I am looking forward to the conversation,I signed up for this. For us, there is a missing link between https://support.pipedrive.com/article/web-forms and https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/campaigns-double-opt-in-marketing-contacts. After a new sign up for our newsletter, we need to click (manually) in the marketing section the "Send request" button. Are there any plans at Pipedrive or does a community member have developed a workaround, that sends the DOI request e-mail automatically to the new registratant?

  • Pascal
    Pascal Member Posts: 4
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    Unfortunately I can't book a meeting via this link anymore. But GDPR is a major problem. At the moment I don't think it is possible to be GDPR compliant with pipedrive (current status in italic below)

    (B2C) Requirements for webforms are:

    1. User must actively consent to the privacy t&c via checkbox in the form (required, not pre-checked) (only possible via workaround)
    2. The place (Form) as well as the time (time of form submission) of consent has to be documented for each Contact (it isn't atm)
    3. User must double-opt-in before getting any additional email - a contact can't be "Subscriped" & "No opt-in" at the same time. (atm it is possible)
    4. No legal requirement but a practical one: The DOI must be send automatically as a huge number of form submissions (I have a client with 5k per week) can't be handled manually (not possible atm)
    5. All contact data, including consent time and place, all activity etc. needs to be exported in a common file format if the contact wants it. (I can't seem to find this feature).
    6. As a company we need a written data processing agreement with pipedrive (couldn't find that either)
    7. We need to be able to permanently delete any user at all times (couldn't find that either - only deactivate)
  • Hi @Pascal , thank you for your comment and pointing out that the link is not working - I updated it to the current one. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us to share more details. It is crucial that we gather enough details from our clients for whom the current solution is not sufficient and you seem to have a lot to say :)

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