Campaigns Alerts and Tips rolled out 📢 , Looking for testers

Hello, dear Pipedrivers! 👋

We care about your email campaign results and email deliverability quality, so we rolled out Campaigns Alerts & Tips 📢

In the Campaigns Alerts and tips menu you will find rich content tips to follow which will support you to improve your performance using Campaigns products. But that's not all. In Pipedrive we have a dedicated Email Delivery and Compliance ™ who maintain Campaigns service and systems so your emails are delivered in inbox folders with less bounces counted. If you send out email campaigns and your domain will appear in some blocklists or your campaign will not meet a threshold such as high bounce rate, you will get an Alert from our Email Delivery and Compliance with detailed information on how to solve the issue and improve your results. 

Looking for testers! 🔎

We want to get your feedback about specific types of alerts we send to Campaign users, e.g. feedback about low engagement rates to be sure that content added in Alerts is easy to grasp for further actions to solve low engagement issues.  

Who are we looking for?

4-7 volunteers, who are already familiar with sending out email campaigns.

How to enrol?

Please leave a comment below and I'll send a calendar invitation link. 

Feel free to share feedback and post questions!

Learn more about Campaigns Alerts & Tips.

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