How can I use Pipedrive for customer success ?

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We use Pipedrive actively for our sales, and move the deals to Account Management once they are won.

But I have not figured out how to use Pipedrive for Onboardig, Adoption and Expansion. Does anyone have any ideas on how to organize this?

We are a B2B SaaS MRR business with 100-500 deals ranging from €100MRR to €30.000MRR.

We often get customers in on €1000MRR and then work with them to create value and grow them into a €5k or €50k MRR. All of wich currently happens in Account Management. But we have no PROCESS in Account Management on how to use Pipedrive for Onboarding -> Adoption -> Expansion.

Maybe i just have it all wrong, that those 3 terms is not the way to think about it? Maybe there are some other smart way to organiza a process around CS?

Appreciate any input on this:) CS is a major key and a key thing to grow / sell a business:)


  • Amit Sarda (

    Hi @Anders Tiltnes,

    do you know of a tool that does this well? I will be happy to check what’s the specific ask from this function of the business and then suggest some ways to do it.




    Hi @Anders Tiltnes ,

    Great question!

    I used to use different services for CS for different products for the last few years.

    In my thoughts, Pipedrive is the best CRM for sales which is designed for salespeople to work easily with the simplest user interface.

    Customer success is a different game in which you want to know who will make more purchases/upgrades or who will churn. For this, you need an analytics service.

    I used Mixpanel/Amplitude kind of analytics tools to understand the usage pattern and used to connect it with the CRM using webhooks/Bcc Email/API kind of possible communication channels.

    There are CRMs with CS capabilities, but in my experience trying to bundle sales and product analytics will end up in unsatisfactory results. It's always best to use a simple CRM like Pipedrive and connect it with a good analytics tool. Most of the time analytics services will be used by Product managers and Marketers. So give them the best tool and leave your salespeople with the simplest CRM to focus on sales.

    If you are into web/mobile-based saas, then I highly recommend Mixpanel. Amit will be able to help you with analytics integration. @Amit Sarda

    It's a piece of good news that Pipedrive is now building a customer support feature. There could be some possible analytics integration. @Saša Batovanja


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    @Anders Tiltnes Did you come up with a solution for this? I'm new to Pipedrive and have the exact same questions as you!

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