It is possible to sync two email accounts?

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Hi, I'm a newbie of Pipedrive and I whish to have into email section both my company account and [email protected] account. I have configured both (they are on Office 365) but it seems to me that I can have only one active connection synced.

Is this something plan related or is a platform constrain?

Thank for you help


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @vidierre

    Currently, it is only possible to have one active email sync as you discovered already. You can switch between different accounts (disconnect and connect a new one), but it is still 1 ongoing active connection. This is good feedback for the team and we see the need to investigate the option further. However, no clear plans on this just yet.

    You can always keep an eye out on our What's New feed to get updates.

  • Jake Kushner (JLK)
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    Lots of folks interested in this, and it was announced in Jan to be officially in the works. See / vote on this. thread: